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FEBRUARY 13, 2016 - APRIL 17, 2016

Museum of Art and History
665 West Lancaster Blvd., Lancaster CA 93534
(661) 723-6250

British-born, LA-­­­based Artist Jeremy Kidd approaches landscape photography innovatively, by combining sculptural elements and condensing up to 100 long exposure photographs into a single work. He believes, this to be a more cohesive way of expressing a landscape pictorially to an audience. Incorporating sculptural elements invigorates the viewing experience. Through this process, Kidd explores movement and condensed time, all the while exemplifying the transcendental and the essence of place in the urban or desert landscape.

“It seems unrealistic to expect a single photographic shot, a single moment in time, to convey the human experience of seeing. We visually explore our environment in the third and forth dimensions as we build our personal visual journey."

His artwork presents a condensed vision of multiple photographs as a metaphor for repeated perceptual glances. This in turn engages the viewer by conveying an animated experience of the dynamic natural or urban infrastructure. Kidd’s current body of work explores the presence of Wind Farm Turbines whose placement interrupts the natural landscape with a beautiful array of upright forms that posses a surreal presence and scale. Combining the wind farm components with his photographic process, Kidd believes, will draw awareness to both the arts and alternative energy while bringing into question their aesthetic placement. Integrating sculpture with his photographs, Kidd includes replicas of windmills that move forward out of the image as sublime objects, embracing and interacting with the viewer. The works attempts to explore our relationship to these interrupted landscapes as places for spiritual renewal AND functional utility.

Jeremy Kidd received his Bachelor of Fine Art and Sculpture at Du Monfort University in Leicester, England. His work has been exhibited across the United States and Europe. He has been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Art LTD, Art & Text Wired Magazine and The Observer UK. He has taught at the California Institute for the Arts, Otis Parsons School of the Arts in Los Angeles. Upcoming One Person Shows include: Imago Gallery Palm Desert and Panorama Masdag Museum in the Netherlands.

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